Social Responsibility

Kendoo is proud to announce that we are a certified statutory member of the Singapore Business Federation (SBF). As a member of SBF, we are committed to upholding the quality standards of business ethics and professionalism.

Leading The Way In
Green Energy

Kendoo Group is an investment holding company that focuses on green and sustainable energy projects in Singapore. We are committed to making a meaningful impact on the environment with like-minded partners by embarking on decarbonisation and net zero emissions projects.

What We Committed For A Greener Future

Our Values
Our Values
At Kendoo Group, we prioritise transparency, accountability, and collaboration in all our endeavours. We strongly believe that by investing in sustainable energy projects, we can create value for our stakeholders while also contributing to a better and greener world.
Our Mission
Our Mission
To catalyse the transition to a sustainable energy future by providing our expertise to value add in innovative projects. We seek to invest in projects that not only demonstrates both environmental and economic benefits, but to support the growth of the green energy sector.
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