Our Culture


Prioritizes Youth
Development and Sustainability

We are delighted to inform you that Kendoo has achieved the certification of being a statutory member of the Singapore Business Federation (SBF). Our membership demonstrates our unwavering dedication to maintaining high standards of business ethics and professionalism, as well as promoting a dynamic and sustainable business environment in Singapore and beyond.

We firmly believe in supporting the development of young people through initiatives such as mentorship, engagement, and sailing, which instill values of character and sustainability.
Giving Back to Our Community
Giving Back to Our Community
We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the communities where we operate through volunteer work, charitable donations, and partnerships with community organizations.
Our Sustainability Efforts
Our Sustainability Efforts
We are driven by our responsibility to the environment and reduce our impact through initiatives such as renewable energy, recycling, and sustainable materials.

Shaping The Growth
Of Youth

Mentoring involves providing crucial support, guidance, and positive role models to young people as they embark on their path towards success.

We strongly supporting the nurturing of our youths through mentorship, engagement and sailing to impart character values and sustainability. We are partnering METAZONE to deliver these programmes for the youths.

Fostering Values
for Responsible Individuals

Nurturing ethical and moral values such as teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and respect for nature to develop responsible individuals who contribute positively to society.
Career Opportunities

Join Us For a Sustainable Future

Don't hesitate to join us if you're passionate about contributing to a sustainable future and making a positive impact.

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